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Scheduled changes to the Slack platform

Here are scheduled changes, deprecations, and retirements planned ahead for the Slack platform.

We tweet about most of these updates from @slackapi but we also offer this wonderfully antiquated RSS feed. Slack, the service and product, has its own changelog too.


  • APIs We removed the latest, unread_count, and unread_count_display fields from limited contexts of the new Conversations API. They weren't really supposed to be there. You won't find them spuriously lurking in the shadows again. We don't anticipate any issues but let us know if you find any.

Effective September 12, 2018

  • APIs The role of @username is changing on the platform but we're making the transition as backwards-compatible as possible. Read on for important updates.

Effective December 01, 2017

  • APIs The members array found in many Web API methods like channels.list and rtm.start will begin automatically truncating at 1,500 results beginning December 1, 2017. Please Use conversations.members to manage memberships instead. Read on to learn more.

Effective November 15, 2017

Effective August 01, 2017

  • APIs It's spring cleaning time for email. We're winding down the grandfathering introduced for apps using users:read created before January 4th, 2017. After August 1st, 2017 your apps must request to gain that access. See this post for more detail. This retirement has been delayed with no date yet rescheduled.