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Suggesting apps to workspaces

As part of the App Directory, Slack can suggest your Slack app to new users when links containing the domain name associated with your app are mentioned in conversation.

An example app suggestion for a bot called Performance bot.

Enabling app suggestions

While managing your Slack app settings, you'll find a snippet of HTML customized for your application under Manage Distribution. It's a simple META tag declaring your Slack app's ID, which typically begins with A. If you already know the ID, you can build one of these tags yourself.

The snippet looks something like this:

<meta name="slack-app-id" content="YOUR_APP_ID_HERE">

Place this brief piece of HTML in your website template's HEAD section, beside other metadata rubble you've accumulated, like so:

<html lang="en">
        <meta charset="utf-8">
        <meta name="slack-app-id" content="YOUR_APP_ID_HERE">
        <title>Beforebot highlights bots before it</title>

With this HTML in place, Slack is ready to suggest your app to new users on workspaces it isn't yet installed on.

Triggering app suggestions

Let's take a hypothetical example. @beforebot is a Slack app in the directory that has placed its app ID meta tag in the template of all pages on

On a workspace where @beforebot is not installed, @ada posts a message talking about the link

Within moments of posting, Slack crawls the URL and extracts the app ID, correlating it to the @beforebot app. Slackbot then posts an ephemeral message only @ada can see:

An example app suggestion for a bot called @beforebot.

This message contains the app's icon and short description, along with a link back to the app directory. It also contains three decisive links:

  • Yes please takes @ada to the app directory
  • Not now will dismiss the ephemeral message but possibly suggest to @ada again when posting links to
  • No thanks will dismiss the ephemeral message and won't prompt @ada to install again

As you can see, app suggestions are a fantastic way for users and workspaces already engaged with your product or service to discover your Slack app.

Once installed, your app can attach custom unfurling behavior to relevant links shared in messages, among all the other nifty things bots and apps can do.