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Apps for enterprises

Enterprises can use Slack, and features like Enterprise Grid, to provide an efficient collaboration hub for their large organizations.

Slack apps can take advantage of enterprise-oriented features to assist workspace admins, or provide additional org security.

Read on to learn what to prepare for when building apps for enterprise audiences.

Enterprise Grid

Enterprise Grid allows large organizations to collaborate across many workspaces.

Read our overview of Enterprise Grid to learn more about its features and understand some of the terminology unique to Grid workspaces.

Supporting Enterprise Grid

Ensure your app can handle the nuances and behaviors of Enterprise Grid workspaces. Review your app for full compatibility by following our guide to supporting Grid in apps.

Apps in Shared Channels

Prepare your apps to operate in channels shared between Enterprise Grid workspaces, and channels shared externally between organizations.

Testing on Enterprise Grid

Building apps properly for Enterprise Grid requires experiencing the unique constraints and opportunities yourself. Follow our guide to request and generate a Grid sandbox for testing.

Workspace management

Use approval and provisioning APIs to help admins work more effectively.

Secure your organization with auditing and session management APIs.

Manage app approvals

Build an app that can handle approvals and restrictions for admins across an entire Slack org. Read our guide to app approval APIs.

Create workspaces and manage users in them

An app can create a workspace, assigng and removing users to & from it. It can even mark a user as an Admin or owner. Read our guide to the APIs for managing users in a workspace.

Manage invite requests

Let users invite friends to unexplored workspaces, while maintaining admin approval over those invites. Explore the invite request management APIs.

Reset sessions rapidly

When you suspect a device - mobile, web, or both - has been swiped, take immediate action. Wipe a user's login session using our session reset APIs.

Provisioning programmatically

Provision and manage user accounts and groups with SCIM APIs.

Monitor workspace events

Track what's happening in your org using Audit Logs APIs.