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workflow_step_execute event

A workflow step supported by your app should execute

Compatibility: Events API

    "token": "XXYYZZ",
    "team_id": "TXXXXXXXX",
    "enterprise_id": "EXXXXXXXX",
    "api_app_id": "AXXXXXXXX",
    "event": {
        "type": "workflow_step_execute",
        "callback_id": "open_ticket",
        "workflow_step": {
            "workfklow_step_execute_id": "1036669284371.19077474947.c94bcf942e047298d21f89faf24f1326",
            "inputs": {
                "title": "Requesting help with my computer",
                "submitter": "W1234567890"
            "outputs": [
                    "type": "text",
                    "name": "title",
                    "label": "Title of Ticket"
                    "type": "text",
                    "name": "id",
                    "label": "Ticket ID"
    "type": "event_callback",
    "event_id": "EvXXXXXXXX",
    "event_time": 1234567890

This event notifies you when a workflow step supported by your app has been started.

The example above shows the complete Events API payload, including the event wrapper.

  • team_id indicates which workspace the Slack app is installed on.
  • api_app_id indicates the id of the app.
  • event.callback_id indicats the specific workflow step type.
  • event.workflow_step.context_id is required to be used in the callback to complete the workflow step.
  • event.workflow_step.inputs provides the step's required inputs to be used by your app.
  • event.workflow_step.outputs specifies the steps's expected outputs to be set by your app when the step completes.

Events API compatibility

Subscribe to this event via the Events API.

Events of this type will be wrapped in metadata when sent via the Events API.

Unavailable in the RTM API

This event type is compatible only with the Events API.

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