Our future generation platform is in closed beta. Please request to participate. During the beta, expect some rough edges, broken windows overlooking blue sky vistas, and regularly scheduled changes.

Integrating services

Our platform has always been about letting anyone build amazing integrations with the apps and services you use every day. By making it possible to build automations using apps and workflows, the platform helps you save time, reduce repetitive tasks, and focus on the work that truly matters.

Our next-generation tools are all about making this process easier with developer tools that let you quickly scaffold out a new application, as well as new building blocks for quickly creating apps that respond to metadata events or let you easily create functions that perform tasks like calling an API or querying a database.

Connect with functions, automate with workflows

If you're thinking about creating your own integration — maybe you maintain a mission critical database that's vital to your company or just want to automate a routine process — chances are you need to communicate with another system. This might be a database query for the latest sales figures or creating a new item in a system of record.

The best way to do this is to write a function that performs this task. Our next-generation platform functions work just like the functions that you write in your programming language of choice — they take some inputs, perform some work using those inputs, and then respond with the results of that work. So that database query you need to run can be defined as a function that responds with the results.

Once you've written a function or three, you can also bundle those together in workflows. A workflow is just a collection of functions that are executed in a specific order, and you can even include built-in functions that Slack provides if you need to do something like create a new channel or send a message.

In fact, it might be helpful to think of functions as wrappers to other APIs that make those APIs easily available and reusable in Slack. You could write a function that creates a new ticket in your team's project tracking software and then use that same function in different contexts.

Learn to build integrations

We've created several tutorials, complete with fully functioning and deployable next-generation apps, to help you learn how to build your own integrations. Each tutorial will walk you through getting your app set up and highlight specific features.

Create an incident

Create a new incident, spin up a new channel, and post details about the incident.

Using Slack Built-in functions

Leveraging built-in functions to create a new project workflow.

How to store and retrieve data from Slack hosted tables

Storing and retrieving data from tables hosted by Slack

Send and receive metadata events

Learn how to send messages with metadata and create triggers that listen for events with custom metadata.

Create tests for your functions

Learn how to compose tests for your new functions

Managing app deployment and Admin Approved Apps

Navigating app deployment when the Admin Approved Apps setting is enabled on a workspace.

Build multiple versions of your app from a single code base

Deploy multiple versions of your app using environment variables

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