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Recent changes to the CLI

Call them recent updates, release notes, or changelogs — our work makes them necessary, we enjoy writing them, and we want you to read and be inspired by them.

Change is good!

Here's what's cooking with the slack command-line interface.


  • Added more reserved words for app creation (true, false, null, and undefined)
  • Fixed a panic error when unexpected errors are returned by the Deno app or API


  • Added new command to add, remove, and list collaborators on your app.
    • slack collaborators add U12345
    • slack collaborators add name@example.com
    • slack collaborators remove U12345
    • slack collaborators remove name@example.com
    • slack collaborators list
  • Added Triggers support for filters.
  • Added support to cancel pending app requests.
  • Updated the bundled app template to use Deno Slack SDK v1.1.0
  • Updated error messages to include additional details and suggested next steps for known errors.
  • Updated error logging to redact sensitive data.
  • Updated verbose mode (--verbose) to display API requests and responses.
  • Updated create command to display the same next steps as the Getting Started guide
  • Removed the isHosted setting from the app manifest because its no longer accepted by the Slack API.
  • Fixed bundled app template to include a default .gitignore
  • Fixed a panic error when workflow step input values are non-string


  • Updated bundled app template to use Deno Slack SDK v1.0.0
  • Updated the login slash command from /hermesauthticket to /slackauthticket
  • Updated references of the slack.yaml file to "App Manifest"
  • Removed host name from logged errors to respect privacy


  • Updated bundled app template to use Deno Slack SDK v0.7.2
  • Updated create random name generator to remove a few friendly, but less desirable animals
  • Updated create to download the Deno Slack SDK module, so code editors don't show module import errors
  • Updated auto-update release notes and download links
  • Fixed create template support for GitHub relative paths
    $ slack create --template slackapi/example-app
  • Fixed auto-update error message when download URL was not found

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