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API Methods

Developer preview

Welcome to the workspace token-based Slack app developer preview, still under active development.

All API methods follow the same calling conventions.

These methods specifically require workspace tokens.


Method Description
api.test Checks API calling code.


Method Description
apps.permissions.info Returns list of permissions this app has on a team.
apps.permissions.request Allows an app to request additional scopes


Method Description
apps.permissions.resources.list Returns list of resource grants this app has on a team.


Method Description
apps.permissions.scopes.list Returns list of scopes this app has on a team.


Method Description
auth.revoke Revokes a token.
auth.test Checks authentication & identity.


Method Description
bots.info Gets information about a bot user.


Get info on your team's Slack channels, create or archive channels, invite users, set the topic and purpose, and mark a channel as read.

Method Description
channels.history Fetches history of messages and events from a channel.
channels.info Gets information about a channel.
channels.list Lists all channels in a Slack team.
channels.replies Retrieve a thread of messages posted to a channel


Post chat messages to Slack.

Method Description
chat.delete Deletes a message.
chat.getPermalink Retrieve a permalink URL for a specific extant message
chat.postEphemeral Sends an ephemeral message to a user in a channel.
chat.postMessage Sends a message to a channel.
chat.unfurl Provide custom unfurl behavior for user-posted URLs
chat.update Updates a message.


Interface with all kinds of conversations the same way, whether they're public or private channels, direct messages, or otherwise.

Method Description
conversations.info Retrieve information about a conversation.


Method Description
dialog.open Open a dialog with a user


Method Description
emoji.list Lists custom emoji for a team.


Method Description
files.comments.add Add a comment to an existing file.
files.comments.delete Deletes an existing comment on a file.
files.comments.edit Edit an existing file comment.


Get info on files uploaded to Slack, upload new files to Slack.

Method Description
files.delete Deletes a file.
files.info Gets information about a team file.
files.list Lists & filters team files.
files.revokePublicURL Revokes public/external sharing access for a file
files.sharedPublicURL Enables a file for public/external sharing.
files.upload Uploads or creates a file.


Get info on your team's private channels.

Method Description
groups.history Fetches history of messages and events from a private channel.
groups.info Gets information about a private channel.
groups.list Lists private channels that the calling user has access to.
groups.replies Retrieve a thread of messages posted to a private channel


Get info on your direct messages.

Method Description
im.history Fetches history of messages and events from direct message channel.
im.list Lists direct message channels for the calling user.
im.replies Retrieve a thread of messages posted to a direct message conversation


Get info on your multiparty direct messages.

Method Description
mpim.history Fetches history of messages and events from a multiparty direct message.
mpim.list Lists multiparty direct message channels for the calling user.
mpim.replies Retrieve a thread of messages posted to a direct message conversation from a multiparty direct message.


Method Description
pins.add Pins an item to a channel.
pins.list Lists items pinned to a channel.
pins.remove Un-pins an item from a channel.


Method Description
reactions.add Adds a reaction to an item.
reactions.get Gets reactions for an item.
reactions.list Lists reactions made by a user.
reactions.remove Removes a reaction from an item.


Method Description
stars.list Lists stars for a user.


Method Description
team.billableInfo Gets billable users information for the current team.
team.info Gets information about the current team.
team.integrationLogs Gets the integration logs for the current team.


Method Description
team.profile.get Retrieve a team's profile.


Get info on your team's User Groups.

Method Description
usergroups.create Create a User Group
usergroups.disable Disable an existing User Group
usergroups.enable Enable a User Group
usergroups.list List all User Groups for a team
usergroups.update Update an existing User Group


Method Description
usergroups.users.list List all users in a User Group
usergroups.users.update Update the list of users for a User Group


Get info on members of your Slack team.

Method Description
users.identity Get a user's identity.
users.info Gets information about a user.
users.list Lists all users in a Slack team.


Method Description
users.profile.get Retrieves a user's profile information.

The Web API has an OpenAPI 2.0 specification. Follow changes to the Web API with our changelog and on GitHub.