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Platform partner briefings

You've decided to build with Slack, but now you have a few questions on partnering with our team and how best to build your Slack app. By signing up for a Partner Briefing you can connect with our team to get your questions answered.

What are Partner Briefings?

Partner Briefings are 15 minute meetings with a Slack Developer Relations Engineer and a Business Development Manager to discuss how to build and launch your Slack app.

In this rapid-fire session you will:

  • Get your technical or non-technical questions answered
  • Become more familiar with what you can do with Slack
  • Gain the insight you need to move forward with development

What types of teams can register for a Partner Briefing?

We welcome teams of all sizes to come meet with us. Here are our simple guidelines for participation:

  • You are currently building or aiming to build an app that other Slack workspaces can use (i.e. you are not building a custom integration for your team only) and you are not an SI or Reseller looking for Channel information
  • You don't already have a point of contact at Slack that you can reach out to for assistance
  • You are looking for help or guidance beyond what is offered in our current documentation
  • You should be an incorporated business

How Do I Sign Up?

Please find a time below:

We look forward to working together!

Have feedback or need help? Let us know here.