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Workflows: workflow_step_execute payload

An interaction payload of type workflow_step_execute. Sent to your interactive request URL in an HTTP POST once your app's step is executed in any workflow.


Field Type Description
type String Will always be workflow_step_execute
team Object Team object containing the id and domain of the workspace from which this interaction occurred
callback_id String The callback_id of your step defined in your app configuration
workflow_step Object A workflow_step object containing the workflow_instance_id, step_id workflow_step_execute_id, workflow_id of this step, inputs from that step execution and expected outputs for that step.


  "type": "workflow_step_edit",
  "action_ts": "1583365953.106277",
  "team": {
    "id": "TXXXXXX",
    "domain": "workspace-domain",
    "enterprise_id": "EXXXXXX",
    "enterprise_name": "Enterprise Grid name"
  "user": {
    "id": "WXXXXXX",
    "name": "Bruce Wayne",
    "team_id": "TXXXXXX"
  "callback_id": "your_callback_id",
  "trigger_id": "39718531891.19077474947.fd5f3dff6299006cbbfe124ff5902cff",
  "workflow_step": {
    "workflow_id": "302798802677412566",
    "step_id": "4da7dbc9-7961-4eb9-857c-c96397e5398b",
        "workflow_instance_id": "s239485sjg494t",
        "workflow_step_execute_id": "w23958683202",
    "inputs": {
      "strings": {
        "value": [
    "outputs": [
        "name": "random_string",
        "type": "text",
        "label": "Random String"