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Harness the power of apps, without the code. Use Workflow Builder to automate tasks in Slack.

An image of Workflow Builder

Intro to Workflow Builder

Get started with a gentle introduction.

Read up on how to create, launch, and manage workflows.

Start here to begin learning about Workflow Builder.

Step-by-step guide to building workflows

Set up your workflow, add collaborators, add steps, and publish.

Learn how to build a workflow with our click-by-click walkthrough.

Creation flow for workflows
Using a webhook trigger in Workflow Builder

Using webhooks with workflows

Go beyond static communication and enter a realm of complex workflows.

Trigger your workflow from an external service.

Read our overview of using webhooks to initiate workflows.

If samples are more your style, we've got those, too. Our page of examples has walkthroughs with downloadable templates for common workflows. All you have to do is customize a few fields, and you're off and running.