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Workflows: automate routine processes in Slack

Workflows for beginners

Workflows are automated multi-step tasks or processes within Slack.

Anyone can create workflows with no code using Workflow Builder.

Read on to discover some introductory guides to workflows, or skip to our developer-oriented features.

Introduction to Workflow Builder

Get started with a gentle introduction. Read up on how to create, launch, and manage workflows using Workflow Builder.

Tutorial: Building workflows

Set up your workflow, add collaborators, add steps, and publish. Learn how to build a workflow with our click-by-click walkthrough.

Workflow examples

Browse a list of pre-built workflows that can be imported into Workflow Builder. Customize a few fields, and you're off and running.

Workflows for developers

While designed to require no code, workflows can be made even more useful by developers like you.

Extend the functionality of Workflow Builder by exploring our guides to developer-oriented features.

Webhook triggers for workflows

Use webhooks as workflow triggers, allowing them to be initiated by external services. Read our overview.

Workflow steps from apps

Slack apps can create and share workflow steps for anyone to use in Workflow Builder. Learn how by reading our guide to workflow steps from apps.