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Deploying to production

Your Run On Slack apps can be deployed to production by running slack deploy at the root of your project.

Using slack deploy

When you execute slack deploy from the root directory of a Run On Slack project, the CLI will package up your app and deploy it to the workspace you specify.

No local development server is started with slack deploy.

Interacting with your app in production mode

Today, you can execute Run On Slack functions from the Global Shortcuts menu.

Search for the title of your function to execute a specific function, or search for the name of your app to show all the Run On Slack functions for your app.

You will know this is the production version of your app because the app name will not have the (dev) appended to it.

If you need to make changes to your app, you need to redeploy it with slack deploy.

You can start a local development server with slack run after you have deployed your app with slack deploy. slack run will create a (dev) version of your app, and in your workspace, you will see both the production and development versions.