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Join the Slack Developer Program for exclusive access to beta features, tooling, and resources created to help developers build and grow.

Get ahead of development with early access to beta features

Build with beta features to help your team get to market faster. You can build apps and other productivity tools using beta features, so when the public release comes, you're ready to go right away.

Defy development limitations with a dedicated Enterprise Grid sandbox

Test your apps and other work in a dedicated development environment. Here, you can experiment freely and build with all available Slack features at your fingertips.

Learn directly from creators and experts

Stay at the forefront of new Slack developer tooling and functionality with invitations to exclusive events. Get first-hand implementation insights, learn best practices, and more from Slack creators and experts.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to join the Developer Program to build apps?
Anyone can build apps on the Slack platform, but by joining the developer program, you gain access to exclusive benefits that are otherwise not available to non-account holders.
Does membership cost anything?
Nope! It’s completely free to join.
Where can I ask questions about developing on Slack?
We recommend joining the Slack Community, which gives you access to an international network of Slack developers, builders, end users, and designers that can help answer virtually any development question you might have.
Why am I being asked for a payment method when provisioning a sandbox?
If you're not a member of a paid workspace, a payment method is required for identity verification purposes. Don’t worry about being charged anything – sandboxes are completely free to provision and use!

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