The new Slack platform and the features described below are in beta and under active development.


While building Run On Slack apps, you can use function-level and app-level logging to debug.

Local app logs

When you are developing locally, you can log information to the console of the window where you are running your development server with calls to console.log. Calls to console.log are processed while your local developer server is running.

Note that console.log only emits information that you provide for your app to emit. If you want to see logs for all your app's activity—and not just what you emit with console.log—you'll need to install your app and use slack activity.

Deployed app logs

Once your app is deployed, all calls to console.log will be captured remotely, and will be emitted—along with the last seven days of your app's activity—only via the slack activity command.

After your app has been deployed and you've invoked some of its workflows, run slack activity, then select the workspace you installed your app to. You'll see both console.log output as well as all the things your app has been up to.

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