Our future generation platform is in closed beta. Please request to participate. During the beta, expect some rough edges, broken windows overlooking blue sky vistas, and regularly scheduled changes.

Recent changes to the SDK

The SDK is your key to quickly coding the building blocks of our future generation platform.

This is how the SDK has recently changed.


  • Added Triggers support for filters.
  • Added Events support for UserJoinedChannel.
  • Added automated registration of referenced Functions, Workflows, and Types.
  • Updated built-in function SendMessage to support sending messages to a thread.
  • Removed the logging of client calls.
  • Fixed the logging of client errors.


  • Fixed body encoding issue when making requests using client.response() with a response_url.
    • No longer form-encodes the body.
    • Now JSON encodes the body.


  • Breaking changes
  • New function available - Remove user from user group
    • Schema.slack.functions.RemoveUserFromUsergroup
  • Support for defining required parameters for Functions and Workflows
    • Breaking change
    • Adjusts how input_parameters and output_parameters are defined on Functions and Workflows.
    • They are now nested one level deeper than where they were, underneath a property aptly called properties.
    • This allows for the addition of a new required property that is an array of strings, which map to the names of any required properties.
    • For example:
input_parameters: {
  required: ["name"],
  properties: {
    name: {
      type: Schema.types.string
    description: {
      type: Schema.types.string


  • Updated the HTTP client to support any Slack API endpoint
  • Updated functions to support the latest types

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