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Welcome to the Slack API

Getting started with Slack apps

All of our APIs can be used alone or in conjunction with each other to build many different kinds of Slack apps. Whether you're looking to build an official Slack integration for your service, or you just want to build something custom for your team, we can help you get started.

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The Slack Button

The easiest way for your customers to install your app on their Slack teams!

Custom integrations for your own team

Quickly build integrations between Slack and other services that your team uses:

Slackbot Remote Control

Easily send messages to any public channel as Slackbot.

Incoming Webhooks

Send messages into Slack with more customization and formatting.

Custom Slash Commands

Set up trigger words to perform actions outside of Slack.

Outgoing Webhooks

Send messages from Slack to your service in real-time.

Need more functionality?

If the above API tools aren't powerful enough, here are two APIs that can handle a lot more.


An HTTP/JSON based API that allows you to build applications that interact with Slack in more complex ways. Examples of what it can do include:

Real Time Messaging API

A WebSocket-based API that allows you to send messages as a user and receive events from Slack in real time.

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