Unlock your productivity potential with Slack Platform

Connect, simplify, and automate work.

Save time with Slack's new automations

Assemble automations using modular, shareable, and remixable building blocks.


Create modular functions that automate work in Slack and connect with your services.

Share your functions so anyone can add them to their own workflows.


Construct complex workflows by chaining functions together.

Use your custom functions, pick from pre-defined Slack functions, or combine both to get the automations you want.


Add triggers to customize how and when to kick off a workflow.

React to events in Slack, run on a schedule, or trigger from external services using webhooks.

Deploy ideas faster

Our developer tools simplify the most tedious parts of development and ensure your automations are enterprise-grade from day one.

Slack CLI

Fast track development by creating, scaffolding, and deploying functions and apps from the command line.

Managed infrastructure

Deploy your automations to secure and managed Slack infrastructure, so you can focus on building.


Streamline all your standard database operations by storing, querying and deleting data on Slack infrastructure.

Your work just works, on any device

Block Kit lets you build interfaces without a UI designer. It's available for use in surfaces across all devices without any extra code.

Be inspired

Get a fast start with samples and tutorials for common use cases.

Announcement Bot

Preview, post, and manage announcements sent to one or more channels

Give Kudos

Give kudos and share some kind words with anyone in your workspace

Virtual Running Buddies

Log runs and post a team leaderboard with stats once a week

Request Time Off

Send a time off request to a designated user to be approved or denied; uses interactivity handlers

Build Slack apps

Customize your Slack experience with apps using a wide range of APIs.

Stay up-to-date

Apr 18, 2024

Version 2.22.0 of the developer tools for the Slack automations platform is here, now with more bug fixes! Check out the 2.22.0 changelog for more details.

Apr 9, 2024

Our Web API method files.upload is now deprecated and will retire on March 11, 2025. Learn how to use our new asynchronous upload flow and migrate your apps and integrations.

Apr 4, 2024

Version 2.21.0 of the developer tools for the Slack automations platform has sprung! We've improved the slack doctor experience, enhanced the invite_user_to_channel built-in Slack function, and more. Check out the 2.21.0 changelog for more details.

Apr 2, 2024

You won't be able to create new classic Slack apps or legacy custom integration bot users anymore after June 4, 2024. Learn how this may impact you and your team.

Mar 21, 2024

Versions 2.20.0 and 2.20.1 of the developer tools for the Slack automations platform have landed! Check out the 2.20.0 and 20.0.1 changelogs for more details.

Mar 11, 2024

Version 2.19.0 of the developer tools for the Slack automations platform has joined the stage! We've added a new TTL feature for datastores and tidied up a few things behind the scenes. Check out the changelog for more details.