Customize your workspace

Connect, simplify, and automate with Slack apps

Save time and automate repetitive tasks

Turn slow, repetitive, manual processes, like onboarding or gathering feedback, into rapid and automated apps and workflows. Use Bolt or Workflow Builder to quickly transform the way you work.

Nine Publishing used custom tools and apps to simplify newsroom processes and monitor performance analytics.

Reduced day-long processes to 30 minutes

Your work just works, on any device

Block Kit lets you build UIs without a UI designer. It’s available for use in app surfaces across all devices without any extra code.

TD Ameritrade built a Slack app called BetterBot to source fast, automated answers to common questions.

Reduced support tickets by 2500 per week

Minimize multitasking

Reduce the amount of apps and websites needed to get work done. Bring data and tasks from external services and internal tools to where everyone is already collaborating: Slack.

Hearst used their HANS Bot to quickly surface data to decide which stories will perform best. HANS saved the team hours per day on searching for custom reports.

Drove a 50% increase in YouTube views
Automatically handle 3800 inquiries per week

Built for Builders

To automate easily, no code required, try Workflow Builder. To tinker with advanced customizations, start quickly by using our Bolt framework. However you choose to build, you can make working in Slack simpler, pleasant, and more productive.

Latest from the changelog

May 11, 2021

Use manifests to create and manage apps from saveable, shareable, and relatable YAML and JSON. Try out some sample manifests in our new guided tutorials.

Apr 20, 2021

We're teaching old blocks new tricks. Starting April 20, 2021 input blocks are now able to exist within messages, allowing you to gather information more swiftly within conversation. Learn more about how to extend your Block kit messages.

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