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Welcome to the Slack API

All of our APIs can be used alone or in conjunction with each other to build many different kinds of Slack apps. Whether you're looking to build an official Slack app for your service, or you just want to build a custom integration for your team, we can help you get started!

Slack Apps

Installable Slack apps for any team to use

Bundle API components together in a Slack app that any team can install from your site, or the App Directory.

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Custom Integrations

Custom integrations built just for your team

Use our API tools to hook Slack into the services and internal tools that your team is already using.

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Common components

Quickly build integrations between Slack and other services that your team uses:


Messages are the key element to all notifications, conversations, and interactions on Slack. Now you can simplify complex workflows with buttons.

Incoming Webhooks

Send messages into Slack with customization and rich formatting.

Custom Slash Commands

Set up trigger words to perform actions outside of Slack.

Sign in with Slack

Keep teams connected across their apps for work.

Bot Users

Connect to Slack to read and write as a real-time bot.

The Slack Button

The easiest way for your customers to install your app on their Slack teams!

Open source tools

Developers around the world contribute open source software for working with all aspects of the Slack platform. Here are some highlights from our community contributions:


Quickly build conversational bots with this framework by Howdy!


Easily interact with the Web API in Python.

Follow the development of the Slack API