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Tutorials tagged with "Message Buttons"

  • Developing approval workflows
    App blueprint by Slack

    Allow people to post announcements to a restricted channel from time to time, with admin approval.

  • Building Admin-Approved Apps  
    Tutorial from Slack (medium.com)

    How Slack used message buttons to simplify a common workflow

  • Making notifications actionable
    App blueprint by Slack

    When a helpdesk ticket is created in a 3rd party system, send an actionable notification in Slack that allows the user to claim the ticket or apply a label.

  • Sending a notification to new users
    App blueprint by Slack

    Automatically send a direct message to new team members asking them to accept a terms of service or code of conduct.

  • Per-channel webhooks
    App blueprint by Slack

    Allow team members to quickly set up their own incoming webhooks without needing to create a Slack app.

  • Naming channels by convention
    App blueprint by Slack

    Create a watchdog bot that enforces your team's draconian hold on channel nomenclature.

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