Slack functions for workflows

Workflows may use Slack functions to automate many common Slack activities. Learn how to add a Slack function to a workflow.

add_bookmarkAdd a bookmark to a channel
canvas_copyCopy a canvas. This API method can only be used on Enterprise Grid workspaces.
canvas_createCreate a canvas
canvas_update_contentUpdates a canvas
channel_canvas_createCreate channel canvas
archive_channelArchive a channel
create_channelCreate a new channel
invite_user_to_channelInvite a user to a channel
update_channel_topicUpdate a channel's topic
delayPause a workflow for a specified amount of time
open_formOpen an interactive form
reply_in_threadReply to a message by creating or adding to a thread
send_dmSend a direct message
send_ephemeral_messageSend an ephemeral message (one that only the recipient can see)
send_messageSend a message
add_pinPin a message to a channel
add_user_to_usergroupAdd a user to a user group
create_usergroupCreate a new user group
remove_user_from_usergroupRemove a user from a user group

Some Slack functions may be restricted due to Workspace permission settings. Reach out to a Workspace owner if these aren't available to you.