API object type


A User Group object contains information about a group of users.

    "id": "S123ABC456",
    "team_id": "T060RNRCH",
    "is_usergroup": true,
    "name": "Workspace Admins",
    "description": "A group of all Administrators on your workspace.",
    "handle": "admins",
    "is_external": false,
    "date_create": 1446598059,
    "date_update": 1446670362,
    "date_delete": 0,
    "auto_type": "admin",
    "created_by": "USLACKBOT",
    "updated_by": "U060RNRCZ",
    "deleted_by": null,
    "prefs": {
        "channels": [

        "groups": [

    "users": [
    "user_count": "4"
Field Type Description
id string The ID of the usergroup.
team_id string The ID of the team.
is_usergroup boolean Indicates if the object is a user group.
name string Indicates the friendly name of the group.
description string Explains the purpose of the group (optional).
handle string Indicates the value used to notify group members via a mention without a leading @ sign.
is_external boolean Indicates if the user group is external.
date_create Unix timestamp When the user group was created.
date_update Unix timestamp When the user group was last updated.
date_delete Unix timestamp Non-zero value for disabled groups.
auto_type string Can be admins for a Workspace Admins group, owners for a Workspace Owners group or null for a custom group.
created_by string User ID of the member who created the user group.
updated_by string User ID of the member who updated the user group.
deleted_by string User ID of the member who deleted the user group.
prefs object Contains default channels and groups (private channels) that members of this group will be invited to upon joining.
users array Contains a list of user object id values which belong to the user group. This parameter is included if the include_users option is enabled on some API endpoints.
user_count integer Indicates the total number of users in a group.