API object type


A User Group object contains information about a group of users.

    "id": "S0614TZR7",
    "team_id": "T060RNRCH",
    "is_usergroup": true,
    "name": "Workspace Admins",
    "description": "A group of all Administrators on your workspace.",
    "handle": "admins",
    "is_external": false,
    "date_create": 1446598059,
    "date_update": 1446670362,
    "date_delete": 0,
    "auto_type": "admin",
    "created_by": "USLACKBOT",
    "updated_by": "U060RNRCZ",
    "deleted_by": null,
    "prefs": {
        "channels": [

        "groups": [

    "users": [
    "user_count": "4"

The name parameter indicates the friendly name of the group.

For disabled groups, date_deleted will be non-zero.

The description parameter explains the purpose of the group (optional).

The handle parameter indicates the value used to notify group members via a mention without a leading @ sign.

The auto_type parameter can be admins for a Workspace Admins group, owners for a Workspace Owners group or null for a custom group.

The prefs parameter contains default channels and groups (private channels) that members of this group will be invited to upon joining.

The users parameter contains a list of user object id values which belong to the User Group. This parameter is included if the include_users option is enabled on some API endpoints.

The user_count parameter indicates the total number of users in a group.