Developer beta features

Experiment with the newest, not-quite-public platform features with our developer beta program. Since these are still in development, the documentation and features are subject to change before general release.

As beta features may change, be careful about where you deploy apps using them. Additionally, to avoid any unintended user experiences, apps using these features may not be submitted to the App Directory.

Beta feedback

As you tinker with beta features, our engineering teams would love to hear what you think and how we can improve these features. Provide feedback

Current features

Below is a list of the current platform features in a beta state:

Time picker element

An element which allows selection of a time of day. It can be used in section, actions, and input blocks across messages, modals, and home tabs. See it in action using the Block Kit Builder.

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Enabling beta features

To enable beta features, navigate to your app configuration and click Beta Features on the sidebar. You can toggle on a per-feature basis. You should only enable beta features on non-production apps.