Event types

accounts_changedThe list of accounts a user is signed into has changedRTM
app_deletedUser has deleted an appEvents
app_home_openedUser clicked into your App HomeEvents
app_installedUser has installed an appEvents
app_mentionSubscribe to only the message events that mention your app or botEvents
app_rate_limitedIndicates your app's event subscriptions are being rate limitedEvents
app_requestedUser requested an appEvents
app_uninstalledYour Slack app was uninstalled.Events
app_uninstalled_teamUser has uninstalled an appEvents
bot_addedA bot user was addedRTM
bot_changedA bot user was changedRTM
call_rejectedA Call was rejectedEvents
channel_archiveA channel was archivedEventsRTM
channel_createdA channel was createdEventsRTM
channel_deletedA channel was deletedEventsRTM
channel_history_changedBulk updates were made to a channel's historyEventsRTM
channel_id_changedA channel ID changedEvents
channel_joinedYou joined a channelRTM
channel_leftYou left a channelEventsRTM
channel_markedYour channel read marker was updatedRTM
channel_renameA channel was renamedEventsRTM
channel_sharedA channel has been shared with an external workspaceEvents
channel_unarchiveA channel was unarchivedEventsRTM
channel_unsharedA channel has been unshared with an external workspaceEvents
commands_changedA slash command has been added or changedRTM
dnd_updatedDo not Disturb settings changed for the current userEventsRTM
dnd_updated_userDo not Disturb settings changed for a memberEventsRTM
emoji_changedA custom emoji has been added or changedEventsRTM
external_org_migration_finishedAn enterprise grid migration has finished on an external workspace.RTM
external_org_migration_startedAn enterprise grid migration has started on an external workspace.RTM
file_changeA file was changedEventsRTM
file_comment_addedA file comment was addedEventsRTM
file_comment_deletedA file comment was deletedEventsRTM
file_comment_editedA file comment was editedEventsRTM
file_createdA file was createdEventsRTM
file_deletedA file was deletedEventsRTM
file_publicA file was made publicEventsRTM
file_sharedA file was sharedEventsRTM
file_unsharedA file was unsharedEventsRTM
function_executedA custom function is executed as a step in a workflowEvents
goodbyeThe server intends to close the connection soon.RTM
grid_migration_finishedAn enterprise grid migration has finished on this workspace.Events
grid_migration_startedAn enterprise grid migration has started on this workspace.Events
group_archiveA private channel was archivedEventsRTM
group_closeYou closed a private channelEventsRTM
group_deletedA private channel was deletedEventsRTM
group_history_changedBulk updates were made to a private channel's historyEventsRTM
group_joinedYou joined a private channelRTM
group_leftYou left a private channelEventsRTM
group_markedA private channel read marker was updatedRTM
group_openYou created a group DMEventsRTM
group_renameA private channel was renamedEventsRTM
group_unarchiveA private channel was unarchivedEventsRTM
helloThe client has successfully connected to the serverRTM
im_closeYou closed a DMEventsRTM
im_createdA DM was createdEventsRTM
im_history_changedBulk updates were made to a DM's historyEventsRTM
im_markedA direct message read marker was updatedRTM
im_openYou opened a DMEventsRTM
invite_requestedUser requested an inviteEvents
manual_presence_changeYou manually updated your presenceRTM
member_joined_channelA user joined a public channel, private channel or MPDM.EventsRTM
member_left_channelA user left a public or private channelEventsRTM
messageA message was sent to a channelEventsRTM
message.app_homeA user sent a message to your Slack appEvents
message.channelsA message was posted to a channelEvents
message.groupsA message was posted to a private channelEvents
message.imA message was posted in a direct message channelEvents
message.mpimA message was posted in a multiparty direct message channelEvents
pin_addedA pin was added to a channelEventsRTM
pin_removedA pin was removed from a channelEventsRTM
pref_changeYou have updated your preferencesRTM
presence_changeA member's presence changedRTM
presence_queryDetermine the current presence status for a list of usersRTM
presence_subSubscribe to presence events for the specified usersRTM
reaction_addedA member has added an emoji reaction to an itemEventsRTM
reaction_removedA member removed an emoji reactionEventsRTM
resources_addedAccess to a set of resources was granted for your appEvents
resources_removedAccess to a set of resources was removed for your appEvents
scope_deniedOAuth scopes were denied to your appEvents
scope_grantedOAuth scopes were granted to your appEvents
shared_channel_invite_acceptedA shared channel invite was acceptedEvents
shared_channel_invite_approvedA shared channel invite was approvedEvents
shared_channel_invite_declinedA shared channel invite was declinedEvents
shared_channel_invite_receivedA shared channel invite was sent to a Slack userEventsRTM
star_addedA member has saved an item for later or starred an itemEventsRTM
star_removedA member has removed an item saved for later or starred an itemEventsRTM
subteam_createdA User Group has been added to the workspaceEventsRTM
subteam_members_changedThe membership of an existing User Group has changedEventsRTM
subteam_self_addedYou have been added to a User GroupEventsRTM
subteam_self_removedYou have been removed from a User GroupEventsRTM
subteam_updatedAn existing User Group has been updated or its members changedEventsRTM
team_access_grantedAccess to a set of teams was granted to your org appEvents
team_access_revokedAccess to a set of teams was revoked from your org appEvents
team_domain_changeThe workspace domain has changedEventsRTM
team_joinA new member has joinedEventsRTM
team_migration_startedThe workspace is being migrated between serversRTM
team_plan_changeThe account billing plan has changedRTM
team_pref_changeA preference has been updatedRTM
team_profile_changeThe workspace profile fields have been updatedRTM
team_profile_deleteThe workspace profile fields have been deletedRTM
team_profile_reorderThe workspace profile fields have been reorderedRTM
team_renameThe workspace name has changedEventsRTM
tokens_revokedAPI tokens for your app were revoked.Events
url_verificationVerifies ownership of an Events API Request URLEvents
user_changeA member's data has changedEventsRTM
user_huddle_changedA user's huddle status has changedEventsRTM
user_resource_deniedUser resource was denied to your appEvents
user_resource_grantedUser resource was granted to your appEvents
user_resource_removedUser resource was removed from your appEvents
user_status_changedA user's status has changedEventsRTM
user_typingA channel member is typing a messageRTM
workflow_deletedA workflow that contains a step supported by your app was deletedEvents
workflow_publishedA workflow that contains a step supported by your app was publishedEvents
workflow_step_deletedA workflow step supported by your app was removed from a workflowEvents
workflow_step_executeA workflow step supported by your app should executeEvents
workflow_unpublishedA workflow that contains a step supported by your app was unpublishedEvents

Usage guides

Easy events with Bolt

Handle events with a couple of lines of code, using our Bolt framework.

Using the Events API

If you can't use Bolt, read our guide to hand-craft event handling into your app.