Workflows: workflow_step_edit payload

An interaction payload of type workflow_step_edit. Sent to your interactive request URL in an HTTP POST once a user adds your step to a workflow in Workflow Builder.


Field Type Description
type String Will always be workflow_step_edit
team Object Team object containing the id and domain of the workspace from which this interaction occurred
user Object User object containing the id and name of the user who submitted the modal
callback_id String The callback_id of your step defined in your app configuration
trigger_id String A trigger id which can be used to open up a modal
workflow_step Object A workflow_step object containing the workflow_id and step_id of this step.


  "type": "workflow_step_edit",
  "action_ts": "1583365953.106277",
  "team": {
    "id": "TXXXXXX",
    "domain": "workspace-domain",
    "enterprise_id": "EXXXXXX",
    "enterprise_name": "Enterprise Grid name"
  "user": {
    "id": "WXXXXXX",
    "name": "Bruce Wayne",
    "team_id": "TXXXXXX"
  "callback_id": "your_callback_id",
  "trigger_id": "39718531891.19077474947.fd5f3dff6299006cbbfe124ff5902cff",
  "workflow_step": {
    "workflow_id": "302798802677412566",
    "step_id": "4da7dbc9-7961-4eb9-857c-c96397e5398b",
    "inputs": {
      "strings": {
        "value": [
    "outputs": [
        "name": "random_string",
        "type": "text",
        "label": "Random String"