API object type


A MPIM object contains information about a multi-party instant message.

    "id": "G024BE91L",
    "name": "mpdm-user1--user2--user3-1",
    "is_mpim": true,
    "is_group": false,
    "created": 1360782804,
    "creator": "U024BE7LH",
    "members": [
    "last_read": "1401383885.000061",
    "latest": { … }
    "unread_count": 0,
    "unread_count_display": 0

Field Type Description
id string The ID of the MPIM.
name string Indicates the name of the MPIM.
is_mpim boolean Indicates if a multi-party instant message (mpim) is being emulated as a group. For compatibility with older clients, mpims can appear as groups unless rtm.start is called with mpim_aware=1.
is_group boolean Indicates if the object is a group.
created Unix timestamp Indicates when the MPIM was created.
creator string The user ID of the member that created the MPIM.
members array A list of user IDs for all users in this MPIM. This includes any disabled accounts that were in this MPIM when they were disabled.