workflow_deleted event

A workflow that contains a step supported by your app was deleted

Compatibility: Events API

    "type": "workflow_deleted",
    "workflow_id": "338772933017143757",
    "workflow_draft_configuration": {
        "version_id": "338776445998336786",
        "app_steps": [
                "app_id": "A012VT792TC",
                "workflow_step_id": "def5f7a2-365f-42e9-8ab8-26f9e9716696",
                "callback_id": "take_two"
                "app_id": "A012VT792TC",
                "workflow_step_id": "19dab8c3-c062-43f7-a912-a69da0cf0bc0",
                "callback_id": "take_three"
    "event_ts": "1611456217.716570"

The workflow_deleted event is sent when a workflow that contains a step powered by your app is deleted.

The workflow_draft_configuration field in the event payload shows the workflow's current draft state, including its steps.

Subscribe to the workflow_step_deleted event as well to know, instead, when a workflow has removed a step powered by your app from the workflow itself.

Events API compatibility

Subscribe to this event via the Events API.

Events of this type will be wrapped in metadata when sent via the Events API.

Unavailable in the RTM API

This event type is compatible only with the Events API.

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