API object type


An IM object contains information about a direct message channel.

    "id": "D024BFF1M",
    "is_im": true,
    "user": "U024BE7LH",
    "created": 1360782804,
    "is_user_deleted": false
Field Type Description
id string The ID of the object.
is_im boolean Indicates if the object is an IM.
user string Each direct message channel is between two users. One of these users is always the calling user, the other's ID is indicated by the user property.
created Unix timestamp When the IM was created.
is_user_deleted boolean true if the other user's account has been disabled.

Some API methods will include extra state information for the channel.

  • is_open shows if the DM channel is open.
  • last_read is the timestamp for the last message the calling user has read in this channel.
  • unread_count is a count of messages that the calling user has yet to read.
  • latest is the latest message in the channel.