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Slack App Developer Policy

Our goal is for Slack to be a safe and pleasant working environment for teams that use Slack. Apps are an important component to making Slack useful and in helping teams be productive. We will remove Apps that we consider to be inappropriate for use in the workplace or that negatively impact the user experience on Slack. We reserve the right to remove or refuse any app that contains content that we believe violates the letter or spirit of these guidelines. Please review the following carefully.

To be included in the Slack App Directory, your App must:

  • Have an icon, name, short description, and long description of your App.
  • Have a privacy policy. Your privacy policy should address all information the App collects from users, and how that information is used, protected, and with whom it is shared.
  • Include a link to installation instructions and a URL for customer support.
  • Use only the appropriate scopes needed for your App to work and those clearly defined within your App's description.
  • Be a good fit for Slack workspaces.

As an App developer, you must:

  • Share developer name and email address with Slack (this will remain private and is for feedback and updates related to your App and the API, in-product communications, administrative emails and responding to your requests).
  • Let us know if you significantly change the function of, or discontinue, your App by emailing details to developers@slack.com. If changes are made to an App that significantly affects its content or function without notifying us of the update, we will remove the App from the directory.
  • Keep your App updated and your support channel active.

Content and Intellectual Property:

  • Don't pretend to be someone else and don't represent that your App is authorized by or produced by another company or organization.
  • Don't infringe upon or misappropriate someone else's trademark, copyright, or intellectual property.
  • If your App doesn't do what it says it does, it will be removed.
  • Please do not push contests, promotions or repetitive content into Slack unless that is part of your App's offering.


  • Any App which violates Slack's TOS, API TOS, or Slack App Directory Agreement will be refused or removed and we reserve the right to disable any associated tokens.
  • Each App must comply with all applicable legal requirements in each location where it is made available to users. It is the developer's obligation to understand and conform to all applicable local laws.


  • Do not use contact information obtained from Slack (including email addresses) to contact Slack users outside of Slack without their express permission.
  • Never ask users to share private and confidential information, such as credit card numbers or passwords.
  • Do not share or use user data or content from Slack users without proper consent.
  • Apps and custom integrations may not impersonate a member or use the additional scopes and permissions available to members.


  • An App may not place any advertisements within a Slack client.
  • An App may not use any user data or content from Slack in any advertisements or for purposes of targeting advertisements, including in that App, your other applications, or elsewhere.

These guidelines will change as the Slack App Directory grows and evolves. Please check back regularly for updates and changes.

If you have any questions about the Slack App Directory or the review process, we'll be happy to help. Send us a note to: developers@slack.com

For Slack customers who have installed an App and would like to report that it violates the guidelines (which include Slack's TOS and API TOS), you can send details to developers@slack.com