Once upon a time, blueprints were a way to create Slack apps quickly from code you found on the internet.

Slack has tried a few different ways to make this dream a great experience for you. Those very specific things called blueprints have been retired.

Introducing our automation platform

These tutorials explain how to use our automation platform to accomplish similar goals to the blueprints we once cataloged here.

Give Kudos

Learn the ropes of next generation Slack apps by giving kudos to your team.

Hello World

Get started by taking a tour around our Hello World next generation Slack app.

Announcement Bot

Create and post announcements to your channels.

Welcome Bot

Create, store, and send friendly welcome messages to your teammates when they join a channel.

GitHub Issue

Learn how to code functions utilizing the GitHub API, all neatly sequenced in a workflow.

Create a custom function for Workflow Builder: Deno SDK

Design and deploy a custom function as a step in Workflow Builder using the next-generation Slack platform CLI and SDK.

Custom functions in Workflow Builder with Bolt for JavaScript

Design and deploy a custom function as a step in Workflow Builder using the Slack CLI and Bolt SDK.

Define App

Create an app to crowdsource company terms using the next-generation Slack platform.

Request Time Off

Request approval for time off with workflows using Typescript and Deno.

Virtual Running Buddies

A social app to log your running activites each week and compare your team's progress with a leaderboard and stats.

Open Authorization

Access Google services in your app with OAuth2.