A new app home event for workspace apps

Published:Thursday, May 3, 2018

Workspace apps are deprecated

Legacy workspace apps are deprecated and will retire in August 2021. Learn more.

We've added the message.app_home event for workspace apps building on our developer preview.

If you subscribe to message.im events to receive messages between users and your app in the special kinds of 1:1 conversations had in your app homes, you must add a subscription to message.app_home to continue receiving and acting on those messages.

Workspace apps grant apps a dedicated space within Slack where members can interact directlyβ€” we call it your App Home. Apps can use this space for personal notifications, onboarding information, and other helpful features.

What's changing?

We're moving a special type of message from message.im into a dedicated subscription type, message.app_home.

We won't dispatch App Home messages to message.im

message.im subscriptions no longer deliver messages from established app homes your workspace app has with users. You'll need to subscribe to message.app_home to receive them instead.

We'll only deliver App Home messages to message.app_home

message.app_home is a new event for subscribing to just the messages in this unique conversation container.

All message.* event subscriptions now receive a channel_type string field attached to the embedded event. channel indicates a public channel, mpim a multiparty direct message, group a private channel, im a direct message, and app_home signifies these new app home events.

Besides the different channel_type values, message.app_home events look exactly like the direct messages they were delivered as before and should work as a plug-in replacement for app home messages delivered via message.im.

Here's a typical message delivered via message.app_home:

    "token": "one-long-verification-token",
    "team_id": "T061EG9R6",
    "api_app_id": "A0PNCHHK2",
    "event": {
        "type": "message",
        "user": "U061F7AUR",
        "text": "How many cats did we herd yesterday?",
        "ts": "1525215129.000001",
        "channel": "D0PNCRP9N",
        "event_ts": "1525215129.000001",
        "channel_type": "app_home"
    "type": "event_callback",
    "authed_teams": [
    "event_id": "Ev0PV52K25",
    "event_time": 1525215129

What isn't changing?

message.im subscriptions will continue delivering direct message events from conversations between two parties your app is participating with. Only the 1:1 messages between your app and a person move to message.app_home.

How do I prepare?

Visit the Event subscriptions panel of your Slack app management console and subscribe to message.app_home events. Differentiate them from other message types by looking for each message event's channel_type.

When did this happen?

We launched these changes today, May 3, 2018. Tell us how we can make your App Home a better place.