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Managing your Slack apps

All Slack Apps are owned and contained by the team they were created on.

A Slack app may have multiple App Collaborators associated with it, and they can review & manage the application record and add or remove other collaborators.

If you're reading this little piece of documentation, it's likely that you yourself are an app creator and/or collaborator.

Slack App Collaborators may do these things and more:

  • View and alter basic information about your app, like its credentials and user-facing identity
  • Select and configure which types of integrations your app is composed of: message buttons, the Events API, incoming webhooks, slash commands, bot users, etc.
  • Assign and manage other Slack App Collaborators
  • Submit a Slack app to be reviewed for inclusion in the App Directory, as well as manage the ongoing submission and re-submission process of a submitted app's associated beta application record.
  • Delete a Slack app

How to manage your apps

Manage your Slack apps by first logging in to api.slack.com and then navigating to the My Apps at api.slack.com/apps. There you'll find a list of the applications you own or collaborate with.

Just click on the name of an application to open configuration and management settings for that app.

Can't find the app you're looking for? Make sure you're signed in to the right team and then reload the listing.

Managing your app's Collaborators

The Collaborators tab allows App Collaborators to manage which members of the team are allowed to configure a Slack app.

A list of App Collaborators

The app creator is also a Collaborator, until they're not

The team member that created the application (maybe that's you?) is also automatically made an App Collaborator. After another Collaborator is assigned, the application creator may "leave" or be removed from the app's list of collaborators.

Adding trusted collaborators

Use the Add a team member control to add additional App Collaborators from the containing team. App Collaborators will have access to your app's credentials, so be sure and only add team members you trust with your Slack app's livelihood.

Adding App Collaborators

You may also assign your team's single or multi-channel guests as App Collaborators. These guests cannot delete a Slack app, nor modify your carefully pruned roster of co-conspirators.

Removing Collaborators

Hovering over a Collaborator under Team members who can edit this app reveals buttons allowing app Collaborators to remove their fellow collaborators from the app, or for the currently signed in Collaborator to Leave the esteemed list of fellow App Collaborators.

Your team's friendly Slackbot will dispatch messages to fellow team Collaborators as changes to the roster are made — or in the unlikely event that a Slack app is deleted.

A Slackbot notification about a change to App Collaborators

Learn more about submitting your app to the Directory

You can find more information about the process of maintaining Slack Apps that are part of the App Directory in our Slack App documentation.