Flexible automation for everyone

Use the next-generation of Slack platform to automate, connect, notify, and simplify.
Run On Slack functions

Automate your workspace with Functions

On the next-generation platform, you can build Run On Slack functions, reusable building blocks of automation that are deployed to our infrastructure and accept inputs, perform some calculations, and provide outputs. Functions can be triggered via Global Shortcut, and we'll be adding support for more function and trigger types in the coming months.

Message Metadata

Spark event-driven integrations using Message Metadata

Messages in Slack can now be infused with metadata about events that happen in your services. Slack apps and Workflows can react to those events, spurring helpful automations in Slack with your service at the center.

Enable others to build apps around your services

Attach your own Message Metadata and allow everyone to use your service's events to alert and inform their own Slack apps.

Power the collaboration hub

The no-code Workflow Builder uses Message Metadata to let anyone create personalised automations from your service's events, with no extra intervention needed from you.

Build your own event-driven apps

Use the receipt of Message Metadata as a Trigger for your own functionality, and connect your service to others with Slack as the interface.

Next-generation tooling

Develop for Slack faster than ever with powerful new tools and services

We've rethought our entire developer experience to provide you with tools and services that drastically reduce the time between having an idea for an automation and using it.

Create apps in seconds

Our new command line tools let developers rapidly create and scaffold Slack apps so they can start building with no fuss.

Get your Slack apps running more easily

Deploy your Run On Slack Functions securely and quickly to Slack infrastructure. Or continue to self-host your apps, if you prefer.

No database required

The new Datastores API provides a simple and secure way to store and query your Slack app's data, with zero setup.