Entry points for app interactions

The rundown
Read first:An overview of app interactivity

Give users the power to directly invoke your app's workflows by providing entry points — a set of optional app features and components that are the launching points for interactions.

Entry points in Slack

Enable these configurable features to provide triggers for specific app workflows. Users can initiate them from the comfort of familiar Slack client elements.

App Actions

App Actions let users quickly trigger workflows from the More actions menu of any message in Slack.

Read our guide to App Actions to learn how to create and handle actions for your app.

Slash Commands

Let users trigger an interaction with your app by typing a command into the message composer box in any Slack conversation.

Read more about Slash Commands.

Entry points in app surfaces

Add and implement a range of fully customizable interactive components to your app's surfaces in Slack.

Buttons, select menus, date pickers, and more — all ready to serve as triggers for complex interactive workflows.

Read our overview of the range of interactive components.