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conversations.app_home:create scope

This scope lets an app "Direct message any members"

Supported token types:

The conversations.app_home:create scope empowers your app to reach out to and communicate with any user via your shared App Home space. The app_home scope is your gateway into a magical world of user conversation, interaction, action, and reaction, all within the App Home channel.

Once your app requests and gains the scope, start a DM with a user by calling the chat.postMessage method and passing the user's ID as the channel parameter.

This scope allows you to use chat.postMessage as an icebreaker: there's no need for a separate call to im.open before conversing with a user in their App Home space.

This OAuth permission scope works with these Web API methods.


  • chat.postMessage - Create app home conversations for 1:1 interactions between users and your app

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