Making it easier for apps to unfurl links in all conversation contexts.

Published:Friday, November 13, 2020

Until now, it's often been confusing to understand when and where an app may provide customized unfurl behavior for links appearing in conversations. We're gradually rolling out changes that will make this behavior consistent and easily understood. Read on to learn more.

What's changing?

Note: These changes only apply to apps that use granular bot permissions.

Previously, Slack would only deliver link_shared events for conversations your app had channel membership for. Now apps will be sent link_shared events for all conversation types (pubic, private, direct message, or multi-party direct message), regardless of your app or the installing user's channel membership. Your app will see more link_shared events than you’re used to and can use chat.unfurl to act on all of them.

When is it changing?

This new capability has been released to free teams and will gradually be released to paid teams. This change will also be active for all net new installs and reinstalls of your app.

What happens if I do nothing?

If your app is subscribed to link_shared events and users actively mention domains your app is associated with, you will likely receive more link_shared events than usual. If your app runs chat.unfurl for every link_shared event, your app will unfurl more links for users. If you aren't subscribed to link_shared events and you do nothing, nothing happens. This change doesn't affect you but thank you for reading just the same.

How should I prepare?

Ensure that your app is prepared for the possible uptick in event payloads from Slack. Review your app's unfurling behavior is appropriate in all conversation contexts. Remember, in order for this change to take place your app needs to use granular bot permissions.

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