Discontinuing new creation of Classic Slack apps and legacy custom integration bot users

Published:Tuesday, April 2, 2024

After more than 10 years of platform evolution at Slack, there are just too many ways to create an app. Our oldest technique for creating bot users will no longer be available after June 4, 2024. Additionally, we're going to discontinue allowing creation of new "classic" Slack apps, our oldest OAuth-based app model, which we superceded with our more granular permission model over four years ago.

Your existing classic Slack apps and legacy custom integration bot users will continue functioning though you will not be able to create new ones beginning on June 4, 2024.

Explore alternative implementations with our automation and modern Slack app platforms.

What's changing

Beginning June 4, 2024:

What isn't changing

Existing classic Slack apps and legacy custom integration bot users will continue operating. We recommend migrating existing legacy use cases to modern alternatives.

How do I prepare?

If you don't regularly create new classic Slack apps or legacy custom integration bot users, there's nothing for you to do. You'll go on creating whatever it is you do create and building great things we assume.

If you're still regularly creating new classic Slack apps or custom bots, for example to use the old RTM API, you will need to choose from the available alternatives instead.

This migration guide for classic Slack apps is helpful in understanding the key differences between app types.

Create modern Slack apps using the standard app management techniques.

Much of what people use bots and apps for can now be achieved with Workflow Builder and our coded automation platform, which supports Deno-flavored TypeScript as well as our Bolt for Python and Bolt for Javascript frameworks.

It's possible you wanted to create a classic Slack app or a legacy custom bot in order to use the RTM API. Your best alternative is to use these same modern techniques, though you'll find that some of the quirks of the RTM API, like presence subscriptions, do not have modern equivalents.

What if I do nothing?

After June 4, 2024 if you enter a situation where you typically would create a classic Slack app or custom bot, you won't be able to. You'll have to create a modern Slack app or use the automation platform. You might decide to read a book or write a letter to a friend. In any case, you can still learn and implement with our modern alternatives.

When does this happen?

On June 4, 2024 we'll stop allowing new creation of classic Slack apps and legacy custom intergration bot users.

If you have questions or concerns about our plans for classic Slack apps or custom bots, please contact us.