User clicked into your App Home


Works with

Events API
    "type": "app_home_opened",
    "user": "U123ABC456",
    "channel": "D123ABC456",
    "event_ts": "1515449522000016",
    "tab": "home",
    "view": {
        "id": "V123ABC456",
        "team_id": "T123ABC456",
        "type": "home",
        "blocks": [
        "private_metadata": "",
        "callback_id": "",
        "clear_on_close": false,
        "notify_on_close": false,
        "root_view_id": "V123ABC456",
        "app_id": "A123ABC456",
        "external_id": "",
        "app_installed_team_id": "T123ABC456",
        "bot_id": "B123ABC456"

This app event notifies your app when a user has entered the App Home.

Your Slack app must have a bot user configured and installed to use this event.

If the user opens a tab within the App Home, the event payload for this event will reference that in the tab field. If they opened a Home tab and that tab has had a view published at least once before, a view field will also be included. That view field will contain the current state of the Home tab, including the list of blocks, and various pieces of metadata.

Use the app_home_opened event to begin a friendly onboarding flow from your app, a whimsical welcome message, or a deep-dive into a detailed dialog. Since the app_home_opened event is only sent to your app when a user has already clicked on your app, you can be sure that your attentions are welcome.

app_home_opened events are sent each time a user enters into the App Home space. Verify that this is the first interaction between a user and your app before triggering your onboarding flow.

app_home_opened events are just like other message events sent over the Events API, but their type indicates app_home_opened.

Learn more about using app_home_opened for onboarding.

When an event occurs, we will send an HTTP POST request to your Request URL. The outer payload is uniform across all Events API methods, and contains fields like team_id and event. Learn more