Indicates your app's event subscriptions are being rate limited


Works with

Events API

This Events API-only event type has no "inner event". Instead, the complete payload you'll receive is similar to this JSON:

    "token": "Jhj5dZrVaK7ZwHHjRyZWjbDl",
    "type": "app_rate_limited",
    "team_id": "T123456",
    "minute_rate_limited": 1518467820,
    "api_app_id": "A123456"

This event type is only dispatched when your app is rate limited on the Events API. Rate limiting currently occurs when your app would receive more than 30,000 events in an hour from a single workspace.

Property Description
token The same shared token used to verify other events in the Events API.
type This specific event type, app_rate_limited.
minute_rate_limited A rounded epoch time value indicating the minute your application became rate limited for this workspace. 1518467820 is at 2018-02-12 20:37:00 UTC.
team_id Subscriptions between your app and the workspace with this ID are being rate limited.
api_app_id Your application's ID, especially useful if you have multiple applications working with the Events API.

This event does not require a specific OAuth scope or subscription. You'll automatically receive it when your app's event subscriptions are rate limited or disabled.

Event subscriptions may be limited and disabled when your app does not respond with a HTTP 200 OK to at 5% of event deliveries in the past 60 minutes.

Learn more about Events API rate limiting.

When an event occurs, we will send an HTTP POST request to your Request URL. The outer payload is uniform across all Events API methods, and contains fields like team_id and event. Learn more