An enterprise grid migration has finished on this workspace.


Works with

Events API
    "token": "XXYYZZ",
    "team_id": "TXXXXXXXX",
    "api_app_id": "AXXXXXXXXX",
    "event": {
        "type": "grid_migration_finished",
        "enterprise_id": "EXXXXXXXX"
    "type": "event_callback",
    "event_id": "EvXXXXXXXX",
    "event_time": 1234567890

This Events API-only event is sent via subscription whenever your app is installed by completes migration to Enterprise Grid.

The example above details the complete Events API payload, including the event wrapper. The team_id indicates which workspace is migrating.

By also subscribing to the grid_migration_started event, you'll receive notice when the migration began.

It's best to cease API and platform operations for a workspace during migration. While duration varies workspace-to-workspace, expect an extended period of unavailability.

When an event occurs, we will send an HTTP POST request to your Request URL. The outer payload is uniform across all Events API methods, and contains fields like team_id and event. Learn more