A user left a public or private channel


Works with

    "type": "member_left_channel",
    "user": "W06GH7XHN",
    "channel": "C0698JE0H",
    "channel_type": "C",
    "team": "T024BE7LD"

The member_left_channel event is sent to all websocket connections and event subscriptions when users leave public or private channels.

The provided user value is a user ID belonging to the user that joined the channel.

The channel value is the ID for a public channel or private channel (AKA group).

The channel_type value is a single letter indicating the type of channel used in channel:

  • C - typically a public channel
  • G - private channels (or groups) return this channel_type

The team identifies which workspace the user is from.

This event is supported as a bot user subscription in the Events API. Workspace event subscriptions are also available for tokens holding at least one of the channels:read or groups:read scopes. Which events your app will receive depends on the scopes and their context. For instance, you'll only receive member_left_channel events for private channels if your app has the groups:read permission.