bot_message message event

A message was sent to a channel

Compatibility: RTM Events API

    "type": "message",
    "subtype": "bot_message",
    "ts": "1358877455.000010",
    "text": "Pushing is the answer",
    "bot_id": "BB12033",
    "username": "github",
    "icons": {}

A bot_message is sent when a message is sent to a channel by an integration "bot". It is like a normal user message, except it has no associated user.

The bot_id tells you which bot sent this message. The username and icon to use can be looked up by passing this to Some bot_messages also include username and/or icons properties. If present these override the default username or icon for this bot.

Events API compatibility

Subscribe to this event via the Events API.

Events of this type will be wrapped in metadata when sent via the Events API.

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