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reply_broadcast message event

A message thread's reply was broadcast to a channel

Compatibility: RTM Events API

    "attachments": [
            "from_url": "https://lost-generation-authors.slack.com/archives/general/p1482960137003543",
            "fallback": "[December 28th, 2016 1:22 PM] confused: what was there?",
            "ts": "1482960137.003543",
            "author_subname": "confused",
            "channel_id": "C061EG9SL",
            "channel_name": "general",
            "text": "island",
            "author_link": "https://lost-generation-authors.slack.com/team/confused",
            "author_icon": "https://...png",
            "mrkdwn_in": [
            "id": 1,
            "footer": "17 replies"
            "fallback": "Was there was there what was there?",
            "author_subname": "gertrude_stein",
            "text": "Was there was there what was there?",
            "mrkdwn_in": [
            "author_link": "https://lost-generation-authors.slack.com/team/gertrude_stein",
            "ts": "1484678597.521003",
            "author_icon": "https://...png",
            "id": 2
    "type": "message",
    "subtype": "reply_broadcast",
    "user": "U061F7AUR",
    "ts": "1484678597.521010",
    "channel": "C061EG9SL",
    "event_ts": "1484678597.521010"

The reply_broadcast message subtype is sent when a user or bot user has indicated their reply should be broadcast to the whole channel.

It's a pointer or reference to the actual thread and is meant more to be informational than to fully describe the message. The reference cannot contain attachments or message buttons.s

See message threading for more information.

Events API compatibility

Subscribe to this event via the Events API.

Events of this type will be wrapped in metadata when sent via the Events API.