unpinned_item message event

An item was unpinned from a channel

Compatibility: RTM

    "type": "message",
    "subtype": "unpinned_item",
    "user": "USLACKBOT",
    "item_type": "G",
    "text": "<@U024BE7LH|cal> unpinned the message you pinned to the secretplans group.",
    "item": {
    "channel": "G024BE91L",
    "ts": "1360782804.083113"

When an item is un-pinned from a channel, an unpinned_item message is sent via slackbot to the user that initially pinned the item. The message will only be sent if the item was un-pinned by a different user.

Valid item_type values include:

  • C: channel message
  • G: private group message
  • F: file
  • Fc: file comments

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