A User Group has been added to the workspace


Required scopes

Works with

    "type": "subteam_created",
    "subteam": {
        "id": "S0615G0KT",
        "team_id": "T060RNRCH",
        "is_usergroup": true,
        "name": "Marketing Team",
        "description": "Marketing gurus, PR experts and product advocates.",
        "handle": "marketing-team",
        "is_external": false,
        "date_create": 1446746793,
        "date_update": 1446746793,
        "date_delete": 0,
        "auto_type": null,
        "created_by": "U060RNRCZ",
        "updated_by": "U060RNRCZ",
        "deleted_by": null,
        "prefs": {
            "channels": [

            "groups": [

        "user_count": "0"

The subteam_created event is sent to all connections for a workspace when a new User Group is created. Clients can use this to update their local list of User Groups and group members.