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Create a canvas


Schema ID


Schema reference


Input parameters

Required parameters
Canvas name
Canvas owner
Optional parameters
Type of creation. Options are blank or template. Default is blank. If type is blank or undefined, no canvas_template_id is needed. If type is template, provide a canvas_template_id.
Select a canvas template. Only needed if canvas_create_type is set to template.
Add content. Content should only be provided if canvas_create_type is set to blank.
A dictionary of key-value pairs representing canvas variables provided only when canvas_create_type is set to template.

Output parameters

Required parameters
Canvas link

Usage guide

This function creates a canvas. If canvas_create_type is not passed, it is set as blank.

The app using this function will need the following App Home features set in the app manifest file:

features: {
  appHome: {
    messagesTabEnabled: true,
    messagesTabReadOnlyEnabled: false,

For information about the expanded_rich_text type that you can use to update your canvases, refer to expanded_rich_text.

Example workflow step:

const createCanvasStep = ExampleWorkflow.addStep(
    title: "My new canvas",
    owner_id: "PERSON12345",
    canvas_create_type: "blank",
    content: { inputs.content }