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Remove someone from a user group


Schema ID


Schema reference


Required scopes

Input parameters

Required parameters
The ID for the user group to remove the user from
  • S0614TZR7
A list of user IDs to remove from the User Group
  • ["U12Z4A6","UZ3122356"]
Optional parameters

Output parameters

Optional parameters
The ID for the user group that now contains the removed user(s)
  • S0614TZR7

Usage guide

Users have different needs and different teams over time. Sometimes you want to automate removing users from user groups.

Example workflow step:

const removeUserFromUsergroupStep = ExampleWorkflow.addStep(
    usergroup_id: "S04UZRV61T8",
    user_ids: ["U0R36M8T62", "U0J46F228L0"],