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Reply to a message by creating or adding to a thread


Schema ID


Schema reference


Input parameters

Required parameters
The textual message to send in thread
An individual instance of a message
Optional parameters
Also send the message to the top-level conversation.
  • true
  • false
Additional metadata about the message, which can then be used an workflow event trigger.

Output parameters

Required parameters
An individual instance of the message you sent
Permalink URL of the message that was sent
Optional parameters

Usage guide

Based on certain conditions, you can reply to a message in-thread.

Example workflow step

const replyInThreadStep = ExampleWorkflow.addStep(
    message_context: sendMessageStep.outputs.message_context,
    reply_broadcast: false,
    message: "Thank you for submitting a message to #sos, Gilligan. Your request for help will be handled in the order received.",