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Send a private message to someone in a channel


Schema ID


Schema reference


Required scopes

Input parameters

Required parameters
The ID of the user to show the ephemeral message to
  • U12Z4A6
The conversation ID for the channel you are sending the message to
  • C123456
  • D1A2BC3ZF
The textual message to send to ephemerally (previously accepted as text)
Optional parameters
The ts identifier of an existing message to send this message to as a reply.
  • 1355517523.000005

Output parameters

Required parameters
The channel-specific unique identifier for this message, also serves as a confirmation that the message was sent.

Usage guide

Sends an ephemeral message to a specific channel. This lets a user see what your workflow has to say without everyone in the conversation having to see it or it becoming part of the conversation's record.

Example workflow step

const sendEphemeralMessageStep = ExampleWorkflow.addStep(
    channel_id: "C082T4F6S1N",
    user_id: "U0J46F228L0",
    message: "Someone in this conversation is not accurately representing reality. Converse further with care.",