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Share a canvas


Schema ID


Schema reference


Input parameters

Required parameters
Select a canvas
Select access level. Options are view or edit.
Optional parameters
Select channels. Maximum is 10.
Select people. Maximum is 10.
Add a message

Output parameters

Optional parameters
Canvas link

Usage guide

This function allows you to share a canvas to users and channels.

The app using this function will need the following App Home features set in the app manifest file:

features: {
  appHome: {
    messagesTabEnabled: true,
    messagesTabReadOnlyEnabled: false,

For information about the expanded_rich_text type that you can use to update your canvases, refer to expanded_rich_text.

Example workflow step:

const shareCanvasStep = ExampleWorkflow.addStep(
    canvas_id: "CAN123456",
    channel_ids: ["C111AAA111","C222BBB222"],
    user_ids: ["U333DDD333","U444EEE444"],
    access_level: "edit",
    message: [
        "type": "rich_text",
        "elements": [
            "type": "rich_text_section",
            "elements": [{
              "type": "text",
              "text": "Sharing the create canvas",