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admin.users:write scope

This scope lets an app "Modify your account information"

Supported token types:

This admin scope is obtained through a process that's distinct from other scopes. It must be installed by the Owner of an Enterprise Grid organization. See below for more details.

Admin API endpoints reach across an entire Enterprise Grid organization, not individual workspaces.

For a token to be imbued with Admin scopes, it must be obtained from installing an app on the organization, not just a workspace within the organization.

To configure and install an app supporting Admin API endpoints on your Enterprise Grid organization:

  1. Create a new Slack app. Your app will need to be able to handle a standard OAuth 2 flow.
  2. In the app's settings, select OAuth & Permissions from the left navigation. Scroll down to the section titled Scopes and add the admin.* scope you want. Click the green Save Changes button.
  3. In the app's settings, select Manage Distribution from the left navigation. Under the section titled Share Your App with Other Workspaces, make sure all four sections have the green check. Then click the green Activate Public Distribution button.
  4. Under the Share Your App with Your Workspace section, copy the Sharable URL and paste it into a browser to initiate the OAuth handshake that will install the app on your organization. You must be logged in as the Owner of your Enterprise Grid organization to install the app.
  5. Check the dropdown in the upper right of the installation screen to make sure you are installing the app on the organization, not an individual workspace within the organization. See the image below for a visual.
  6. Once your app completes the OAuth flow, you will be granted an OAuth token that can be used for calling Admin API methods for your organization.

When installing an app to use an Admin API endpoint, be sure to install it on your Grid organization, not a workspace within the organization.

This OAuth permission scope works with these Web API methods.


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