authorizations:read scope

The description for this scope is unavailable.

Supported token types:app_level

This scope may only be used with an app-level token. App-level tokens represent your app across an entire organization.

You can obtain an app-level token for your app by going to your App Management page and scrolling to the App-Level Tokens heading on the Basic Information page. Click Generate Token to get the token representing your app as a whole.

From there, request the authorizations:read scope just like you would normally—either by going to the OAuth & Permissions section of your App Management page, or modifying your OAuth flow to request the scope with your fancy new app-level token.

This scope is compatible with the following list of Web API methods:


  • apps.event.authorizations.list - Get a list of authorizations for the given event context. Each authorization represents an app installation that the event is visible to.

For some scopes, this list may be incomplete.

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