Bookmarks API

The Slack Bookmarks API provides you the ability to add, remove, edit and list curated resources directly in public channels, private channels, direct messages, group direct messages, and our newest channel type, Shared Channels.

Bookmarks can contain external resources such as websites, spreadsheets, dashboards, wikis, news articles, and even internal resources like messages, files or other channels within Slack. These resources are readily available in the header of your Slack client, near pinned messages.

Use this API family to add, remove, edit and list bookmarks — no matter what type of conversation your app is working with.

Read on to learn more about this groovy API.

🔖 Introducing the Bookmarks API

Say hello to the new addition to your Slack channel guaranteed to bring smiles and positive remarks within your workspace.

The Bookmarks API is an opportunity for channels and conversations to create streamlined access to important team documents for onboarding, JIRA boards for ongoing projects and even commonly referenced messages within Slack—plus more!

Bookmarks in channel screenshot

Bookmarks API Methods

bookmarks.add currently accepts the following types:

  • link

Stay tuned for more bookmark types coming soon.


Bookmarks for the future

Bookmarks API allows anyone—including you— to enable easier future access to various types of files, documents, and links. There are plenty of ways to take the reigns of this new bookmarks power.

Some of your day-to-day might involve creating nearly identical channels that function similarly but have different sets of teams or objectives such as (#proj- , #help-, #incident-). Now you can programmatically create new channels with as many pre-determined bookmarked internal files or externally linked documents allowing your team to work expeditiously!

Bookmarking a link requires; channel_id, title, type, and an url.

Example of a POST request to bookmarks.add for a link:

The Bookmarks API not only adds decorative emoji icons ✨ to the bookmarks bar of your channels and messages, this API provides more customization and organization with the added ability to create folders. channels and conversation are limited to 100 bookmarks.

Run, don't walk, to update your Slack app's scope permissions, grant your app an additional two scopes, and start decorating your channels and conversation with your glorious bookmarks 🔖 !